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"The Rim" is an open repeater just like they all should be.

Emergency Communications Service Group

The Rim of the World Amateur Radio Club was founded in February 2009 and its repeater launched as an open repeater. Rim of the World, also known as "The Rim" provides emergency communications to Search & Rescue, ARES, RACES, ECS, Skywarn, and other amateur radio operated emergency groups. The repeater is open to the general public and also provides valuable communications to hikers, campers and mountain dwellers. "The Rim" offers outstanding coverage including for hand-helds!

147.705-  146.2 PL

Located on Sunset Ridge, Heap's Peak, and Quartzite Mountain the Rim of the World repeater network encompasses southern California with a linked network that strives to provide reliable access from Santa Monica east to Palm Springs, north to Ridgecrest and south to Temecula. Our repeaters are TASMA coordinated as a high altitude wide-area repeaters.

Covering all of San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Orange & Riverside Counties and north San Diego County.

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